Eagles Club Victoria Aerie and Auxiliary 12

Welcome to the home of the Fraternal Order of Eagles in Victoria, British Columbia

The Fraternal Order of Eagles is a community service and social club. Our theme is “People Helping People”. We are a membership-based organization that operates a social lounge, holds club events, and helps to better our community through fund-raising for worthy causes.

Victoria Aerie #12 lounge is open each Sunday from 2 to 6 pm. Come to the aerie and see our new floor! See our full schedule of hours on the coming up page.

Fun Darts has returned Wednesday @ 7 pm. All members and their partners are welcome.

Guests will be admitted only when considering membership in our order.. All patrons must follow strict social distancing rules. Please adhere to our posted Safety Plan and sign our contact tracing registration sheet.

We now accept Debit and Credit cards for all payments. Come to the Eagles and spend lots!

The Fraternal Order of Eagles Victoria, BC