Eagles Club Victoria Aerie and Auxiliary 12

The Fraternal Order of Eagles is a community service and social club. Our theme is "People Helping People". We are a membership-based organization that operates a social lounge, holds club events, and works to better our community through fund-raising for worthy causes.

Eagles are community leaders. Since 1898, the F.O.E. has played a key role in the creation of Mother’s Day, Social Security, Medicare and more thanks to a dedicated membership base working daily throughout the Canada and United States to help friends and neighbours in need.

What We Do

Every day, in our more than 1,600 locations throughout North America (including 21 in B.C.), Eagles are hard at work raising nearly $10 million annually.

How You Can Help

Join the Eagles today!  Help us raise funds for worthwhile local causes. 100% of all donations raised benefit the intended cause.  Click on our "Contact Us" page to inquire about joining the Eagles.